Friday, July 31, 2009

What, When, Where, Why, and Who

Ride BEFORE The Ride: 8 am, July 18th, 2010

Now that we have decided on a name it is time to ride. 100-miles. No excuses. Just ride.

When: 2010 tentatively August 8th (Yes that is the same day as Muddy Waters... sorry about that)

Where: Epinette Creek trail in Spruce Wood Provincial Park 2009 parking lot

9 am sharp.

Why: Whatever works for you.

Who: Anyone who can ride at least one unsupported 42 km loop of Spruce Woods

Details: Self Supported. Bring your lunch.

Further Details:

No Entrance Fee
No Licence
No Officials
No Whining
No Map
No Aide Stations
No Medic
No Gears… unless you need them.

Just you, your bike and a 100-miles of sand.